Agenda Municipal / Theatre Women - Trafficking

Thu 18 to Fri 19 Nov
Casa das Artes programme ( Documentary show based on the stories of trafficked women)

Grand Auditorium - 21h30
Large Auditorium (Session for schools: 18th November) - 15h00
Admission: 4 euros. Students, Quadrilátero Cultural Card and Seniors (over 65 years old): 2 Euros | Rating: M/16 | Duration: 50 min

In WOMEN - TRAFFICKING, - a documentary work that unites the Class to the Women's Democratic Movement - we are confronted with a very particular theatrical object. Not only for the poignancy of the theme - or were it not this scourge of iglantonic proportions -, but, above all, for the raw way in which it is approached. Incomplacent in spirit and letter. Always. Without turning or special wavering. 11 women, 12 chairs, a few sheets of paper and a few bottles of water. Zero characters. Arranged in nothingness. Simple actresses exposing anonymous tombs. In transit. Against insensibility. And the space of non-art as revelation. Armed with acrid scenic dispossession, Manuel Tur and his faces drag us, thus, in each sentence - proving how economy of means may well result in accentuated expressive concentration. That is why, on giving voice - which would be no small thing -, WOMEN - TRAFFICKING comes to restore the honour of such devalued names. Without dirigisme, of course, but never allowing us to stop making this renunciation of fiction our own. Time for aisthesis.

Note: After the play, there will be a talk with the participation of the director and the cast.

Technical and Artistic File:
Directed by: Manuel Tur
Cast: Ana Lemos, Ana Wilson, Beatriz Magano, Belisa Branças, Carolina Rocha, Joana Costa, Joana Mesquita, Joana Teixeira, Maria Inês Peixoto, Maria Teresa Barbosa, Maria Quintelas, Mariana Costa, Patrícia Gonçalves, Rafaela Sá, Rita Pessoa, Sara Barros Leitão, Telma Cardoso, Teresa Arcanjo e Zita Campos
Light Design: Cárin Geada
Photographic Record: Diana Lopes
Video Recording: Pedro Santasmarinas Pedro Santasmarinas
Production: A Turma
Supported by: Women's Democratic Movement, Warehouse 22 and ACE - Famalicão

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