Famalicão Urban Gardens

Environment Department

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Since spring, the City Council of Famalicão has made available land for the cultivation of biological family gardens, next to Devesa Park. The Gardens of the Park will be the first urban gardens of municipal initiative of the municipality and their main objectives are to improve the well-being of citizens through contact with nature, contributing to the family economy, raising awareness of respect for the environment and the dissemination of good agricultural practices. The inclusion of people with reduced mobility is also one of the objectives and some high and appropriate fields are planned. Associations, schools and youth volunteering will also have an area available.

Currently, all the members are attending the 16 hour Organic Farming course, in partnership with AGROBIO - Portuguese Organic Farming Association (“AGROBIO – Associação Portuguesa de Agricultura Biológica”) which will end in June. The distribution of the fields before the end of the course is essentially intended to ensure that the last training sessions take place in the fields, with each candidate horticulturist being able to work from that point, in his own field