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Museum of the Lemenhe Brotherhood of Our Lady Carmel

Largo de Nossa Senhora do Carmo
4775-418 Lemenhe

T: +351 967 323 979

Visits by appointment

Free Admission

Museum of the Lemenhe Brotherhood of Our Lady Carmel was inaugurated on July 8, 2012, by representatives of the Confraria itself, the Arciprestado and the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão. Installed in the former Judges’ House, near the Our Lady Carmel Sanctuary, this museum brings together in its collection more than three centuries of history and activity of the Brotherhood of Our Lady Carmel, which was founded in the distant year of 1660.
After spending several decades locked the documents, imagery and religious items, such as liturgical vestments and objects related to the cult, are presented to the public, in a space that combine devotion to Our Lady Carmel with the approach of a secular brotherhood. However, what is on display is only part of the vast and rich collection of this Brotherhood, proving its richness, not only in terms of artistic and historical value, but also in terms of the potential it has for the study of Portuguese brotherhoods and religious brotherhoods.
Integrated in the routes of religious tourism, this museum reveals a different facet of the religiosity of the people of the parish of Lemenhe and the neighboring parishes, residents or emigrants, mainly in Brazil, a country where this Confraternity has many of its devotees.

To promote social inclusion through a collection made up of objects offered by Brothers who, after years of emigration in Brazil, returned to their homeland.

1. To dignify the museum’s collection;
2. To disseminate the culture of inclusion, promoting individual and collective growth through fraternizing with the Vale do Este community;
3. To raise awareness of the social impact of the part played by the Brotherhood in local and national history;
4. To promote the museum’s tourist dimension;
5. To encourage enjoyment of the collection.

Inspiring words
Aid – Community – Inclusion – Dialogue – Diversity