A Family Friendly Municipality

Family Area
Rua Camilo Castelo Branco, nº. 94 - 3º Andar
4760-127 V. N. Famalicão
P. 0351 252 320 900

For eight consecutive years, the Observatory of the Municipalities for Family-Responsibilities has distinguished Vila Nova de Famalicão as a family-friendly autarchy, a reflection of the recognition of the excellence of social policies and the promotion of the municipal family.
The measures implemented cover the most diverse areas, from support to education and training, to improving living conditions, but also in the access of families to cultural enjoyment and sports practice.

The Observatory of the Municipalities for Family-Responsibilities is an initiative of the Portuguese Association of Numerous Families, in partnership with the Social Security Institute, with the main objectives of monitoring, awarding and disseminating the best practices of Portuguese municipalities in matters of family responsibility.

From education to the social area, from sport to culture, there are many arguments that justify this recognition, not only for the policies aimed at all families in the municipality, but also for actions and initiatives aimed at economically and socially disadvantaged households.

In the field of education, the municipality is developing close to a hundred projects and actions to ensure that education is the great factor of social cohesion of the territory, constituting a real social lift for citizens and as a platform for linking them to the business and institutional fabric of Famalicense. Among the various measures promoted, the highlight is the supply of activity books for all children in the first cycle, free school passes for all students in the municipality, from primary school to 12th grade, and scholarships for university students. Still in this area, Vila Nova de Famalicão has been an Educational City since 2010 and, over the years, has carried out systematic work in the non-formal education of citizens.

In the social area, the Municipal Programme Happy House ("Casa Feliz") stands out, which helps the most needy families in the municipality to renovate their homes and supports the families who need it most in paying the rent, as well as discounts and exemptions on water and sanitation tariffs for large families and those most in need.

In the health area, highlight goes to the recent adhesion of the municipality to the "Oral Health for All" (“Saúde Oral Para Todos”) programme.

In tax matters, the fiscal stability of the municipality over the years, the setting of the IMI rate close to the legal minimum (0.35%) and the existence of a family IMI that grants a discount in the payment of the tax taking into account the number of dependents that make up the household are recognised as an added value for families.

The access of families to cultural enjoyment and the practice of sports has also deserved special attention of the municipality that has instituted the Municipal Youth Card, the Senior Happy Card and the Volunteer Card with significant discounts on various activities and access to public transport in the municipality, in addition to other benefits.