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Gastronomy and Wine


The good regional cuisine in multiple formats provides unique and unforgettable experiences in Vila Nova de Famalicão. Following the moment, the state of mind or even the person you are with, Vila Nova de Famalicão offers a diverse gastronomic panorama.
The gastronomy allows a strait connection to the local population like no other, always benefiting and favouring the endogenous products.
In Vila Nova de Famalicão, the possibilities of gastronomic exploration and tasting are multiple, varied and memorable.
From traditional cuisine, passing by contemporary cuisine, or even trying a more international proposal, nothing’s ever left to chance.
The many very well structured and qualified gastronomic proposals in the territory can be perfectly combined with the best sweets, traditional ou reinvented, but always surprising, within a huge explosion of flavours that is unforgettable.
You will be able to explore food and wine in the territory through several different sensorial experiences, that will allow you to know about the gastronomy and the local wines, and their interconnections, as well as to know about the culture and lifestyles in Vila Nova de Famalicão, being always involved in very significant experiences.
Here, you will have also the opportunity of tasting the Vinhos Verdes of Election, precisely in the places where they are produced.
The invitation to take a look at the Vinho Verde method of production and also to taste the fresh and joyous remarks of this wine region will be simply irresistible.

Traditional Cuisine
The rich and diversified cultural HERITAGE is VERY well REpresentED in the territory’s gastronomy.

Contemporary cuisine
the contemporary cuisine, in a reinvention of traditional dishes, by the hand of the new chefs, highlights the importance
of local and seasonal produc ts, and complements the tas ting with the wines’ harmonization.

International Cuisine
The globalization is strongly expressed in the gastronomy of Vila Nova de Famalicão, with an attractive offer of international cuisine.

The Pão-de-ló, the Cake of Famalicão, the Famalicenses and miniature cakes are only some of the many pastries you can find here in Vila Nova de Famalicão. The traditional pastry is wellrepresented in the storefronts of the pastry shops, that sometimes represent ancestral traditions, inspired in local recipes of convents origin. Also, the contemporary pastry, whether from local tradition or international inspiration, reveals itself to be an irresistible experience. There are really true delicacies that arouse the attention of our eyes, surprising us even more with their flavours, triggering a set of sensorial stimulus that will delight
all those who visit us.

Wine Tourism
The natural conditions of Vila Nova de Famalicão, situated in the Wine Region of the Vinho Verde, allow for an excellent production of Vinho Verde. The soils of granite origin, the mild climate and the medium precipitation rates enhance the characteristics of Vinho Verde, such as its lightness and freshness. The sub-region of Ave, although integrated in the Wine Region of Vinho Verde, has the peculiar characteristics of the floral and citrus notes, particularly indicated to produce White and Sparkling Wines. Here, you are able to witness the wine production process and visit the farms, through guided tours to vineyard farms and wineries. By having the Green Minho as the background and the freshness and joviality in a glass of wine, you will taste and you will never forget.


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