Environment “There are no mixtures here”: used cooking oil is in the oil recycling binToday Dyntra report confirms Famalicão as one of the most transparent municipalities in the countryToday International Day of the Elderly celebrated in Famalicão with affection and projects for the elderlyCulture and Tourism S. Miguel Grand Fair attracted thousands of visitorsCulture and Tourism Amateur Artist's House with open doors for talentCulture and Tourism São Miguel de Seide becomes the centre of the Camillian RouteCity Council Mayor wants to give energy self-sufficiency to schoolsToday Famalicão presents a plan for a municipality for allEducation Famalicão opens the classroom doors to the TheatreParishes Fradelos will have a multipurpose hallEnvironment Ten years later, Devesa is much more than a parkEnvironment Devesa Park receives extra care in the passage of its 10th anniversaryCulture and Tourism Famalicão celebrates World Music Day with opera, concerts and guitar duoToday Mário Passos celebrates the Council's Day under the motto of EcologyYouth Soraia Chaves is the great honoured of Ymotion 2022Social Action The municipality guarantees the transport of almost one hundred disabled citizens from Vila Nova de FamalicãoCulture and Tourism Casa das Artes in OctoberSport Famalicão hosts the Sports Awards Ceremony of “O Minhoto”Culture and Tourism Young Orchestra of Famalicão prepares concerts on 2nd and 3rd of SeptemberCulture and Tourism Famalicão's Handicraft and Gastronomy Fair on a renewed stageCulture and Tourism The Onion is the queen in Gondifelos!Today Pinheiro Braga Avenue starts requalification and duplication works

Visitors / Where to stay?

Casa Ana Monteiro

M. Avenida Nacional, 340
4470-371 Portela, V. N. Famalicão

T. +351 932 012 974
E. casaanamonteiro@gmail.com
W. www.booking.com/hotel/pt/casa-ana-monteiro.pt-pt.html

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.460449, W -8.448170

Casa das Cortinhas

M. Rua das Cortinhas, 126
4760 - 225 S. Cláudio - Antas
V. N. Famalicão

T. +351 917 468 495
E. acasadascortinhas@gmail.com
F. www.facebook.com/acasadascortinhas

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.396354, W -8.512448

Casa de São Brás

M. Avenida de São Brás, 129
4770-328 Landim, V.N.Famalicão

E. abelcarvalho009@gmail.com
W. www.airbnb.pt/rooms/20167143

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.380937, W -8.464221

Casa do Laranjal

M. Rua Sobrado, 205
4770-719 Telhado, V.N.Famalicão

E. s_fonseca@outlook.pt
W. www.airbnb.pt/rooms/4013518

Coordenadas GPS
41°27'15.1" N, 8°26'51.0" W

Casa do Ribeirinho

M. Rua Ribeirinho, 66
4765-077 Carreira, V. N. Famalicão

E. candidosa22@hotmail.com
W. www.airbnb.pt/rooms/9428509

Coordenadas GPS
41°38'25.9" N, 8°44'49.9" W

Country House

M. Rua Gandra, 85
4760-865 Gondifelos, V.N.Famalicão

E. oswaldotrabulo@gmail.com
W. www.airbnb.pt/rooms/17677402

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.416068, W -8.602744

Hotel Moutados

M. Av. Brasil, 1223
4760-010 Vila Nova de Famalicão

T. +351 252 312 377
E. hotelmoutados@mail.telepac.pt
W. www.booking.com/hotel/pt/moutados.pt-pt.html

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.415095, W -8.503526

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Quinta de Pindela

M. Rua de Pindela, 893
4770-130 Cruz, V. N. Famalicão

T. +351 919 062 100
E. info@quintadepindela.com
W. www.quintadepindela.com

Coordenadas GPS
N 41º 26 23.5068, W 08º 30 24.2778

Quinta de São Vicente

M. Avenida São Vicente, 317
4770-690 Sezures, V. N. Famalicão

T. +351 919 693 912
E. macsepol1951@hotmail.com
W. www.booking.com/hotel/pt/quinta-de-s-vicente-317.pt-pt.html

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.466656, W -8.472171


M. Rua Talvai, 674 R/C
4760-167 Vila Nova de Famalicão

T. +351 967 591 698
E. fernandasantos59@hotmail.com
W. saladestar.negocio.site

Coordenadas GPS
N 41.417834, W -8.520275

Villa Prime Hotel

M. Rua Barão da Trovisqueira, 338
4760-126 V. N. Famalicão

T. +351 252 104 603
E. info@villaprimehotel.com
W. www.villaprimehotel.com

Coordenadas GPS
41°24'22.0" N, 8°31'32.1" W

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Vitória's House

M. Rua Duque Loulé, 531
4760-333 Calendário, V. N. Famalicão

T. +351 964 088 851
E. manveloso@gmail.com
F. www.facebook.com/vitoriashouse

Coordenadas GPS
41°22'58.8" N, 8°32'28.9" W

Vivenda Mendes

M. Rua da Espadaneira, 37
4770-441 Requião, V. N. Famalicão

E. mendes.francisca@gmail.com
W. www.airbnb.pt/rooms/19844812

Coordenadas GPS
41°41'74.8" N, 8°48'50.1" W

Vivenda Mendes 2

M. Rua da Espadaneira, 55
4770-441 Requião, V. N. Famalicão

E. mendes.francisca@gmail.com
W. www.airbnb.pt/rooms/26147490

Coordenadas GPS
41°41'74.8" N, 8°48'50.1" W

Wake Up Famalicão

M. Praça 9 de Abril 208
4760-109 Vila Nova de Famalicão

T. +351 936 220 903
E. reserve@wakeupconcept.com
W. www.wakeupconcept.com

Coordenadas GPS
41°24'28.3" N, 8°31'16.6" W