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Mouquim Civic and Religious Museum

Largo Padre Domingos Simões Abreu
4770-360 Mouquim


Visits by appointment

Free Admission

Mouquim Civic and Religious Museum, opened in 2002 by the Council of the Mouquim Parish Church, is installed in the former Parish Hall, in a building next to the Church.
This space aims to be more than just a museum: its intention is to become a place where the memory and identity of the people in the São Tiago de Mouquim Parish can be preserved and cherished by the community itself.
Its collection consists of a diverse collection of works and objects connected to religious life, to agricultural and entrepreneurial activities and to the usages and customs, such as sculptures, images, watches, lanterns, jars, pipe organs, among others. Its inhabitants donated the entire collection, thus giving to it a unique identity symbolism.

To build spaces where people, groups and the community can come together, talk and unite, based on the viewpoint and individual and collective memory of each participant.

1. To transform the collection that may be visited into a museum;
2. To value the individual and collective memory of community experiences;
3. To enhance the value of the museum’s collection through the technical and professional rigour of museum practices;
4. To break down physical, social and intellectual barriers;
5. To disseminate knowledge arising from the exploration of the multiple perspectives inherent in the cultural elements that make up the museum collection.

Inspiring words
Community – Memory – Meeting – Dialogue – Union