Emigrant Support Office

Strategic Planning, Economy and Internationalisation Division

Praça Álavro Marques
4764-502 V. N. Famalicão

T. 00 351 252 320 940

The Emigrant Support Office (GAE) is the result of the Cooperation Agreement between the Directorate-General for Consular Affairs and the Portuguese Communities (DGACCP) and the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão and is aimed at Portuguese immigrants, those who have already returned, as well as all citizens who wish to start a migration process.
The GAE is qualified to deal with matters of social security, equivalence of studies, investments, double taxation, job applications abroad, general legal information and advice for those wishing to emigrate.

1. Establishment of a support structure for residents who have been emigrated, are on their way back or are still resident in the host countries.

2. Answering the questions of return and reintegration in all its aspects: social, legal, economic, investment, employment, studies, etc.

3. Boosting the economic potential of municipalities in the Portuguese communities, through access to databases where 120,000 Portuguese executives / enterprises are registered around the world.

4. Support for emigrants in matters within the competence of the municipal council: building permits, trade or industry licences, projects, etc...