A good place to live, to
work and to invest

Strategically located in the heart of Northern Portugal, Vila Nova de Famalicão is one of the most importante municipalities of the country. With eight centuries of history, the municipality is distinctly marked by the entrepreneurial spirit of its people.

Modernity, vitality and initiative are the current characteristics of a place that offers quality of life to its people and competitiveness to its companies.

Vila Nova de Famalicão is a land of opportunities. With a population of over 133,000 and a cohesive and cooperative community, the municipality stands out for the proximity and complementary nature of its people, institutions and organisations. As well as for the strength of its economy.

Vila Nova de Famalicão has been fertile ground for the development of business projects on a global scale and as many more global brands.

And it is the epicentre of a complete, structured and flexible industrial sector, mainly in the textile, agri-food and metalwork areas.

Vila Nova de Famalicão is becoming stronger and stronger in the economic sphere. Is the third biggest exporter in the country. It has also grown notably in other indicators, such as the balance of trade net balance and employment.

This is confirmed by the data from the National Institute of Statistics: Famalicão has a vibrant economy! To get to know Famalicão is to discover a municipality friendly to business investment and a good place to live, to work and to invest.

Proud of their past and sure of their present, the people of Famalicão face the future with the determination and confidence that a strong, unique and bold ancestral identity provide.

Welcome to Vila Nova de Famalicão!