Vila Nova de Famalicão - Making Spend Matter & Resourceful Cities

Famalicao is a partner of the Transfer Network Making Spend Matter and the Action Planning Network Resourceful Cities

Private companies, mainly from our strong textile industry, as well as other business sectors, are being reorganised and converted to produce health equipment's (masks, gowns, visors, etc). CITEVE (Technological Center for the Textile Industry) located in Famalicão, has been the main driver of this conversion and support companies across the country.

We can mention some measures of the Municipality Reaction Plan for to the Epidemic Situation and Social and Economic Intervention in Vila Nova de Famalicão:

• Availability of municipal spaces and equipment's for the use by institutions (hospital rear beds; municipal kitchens and changing rooms; contingency plan for the replacement of resources, articulated with various local and regional health, solidarity and social action entities) and offer PPE´s to firefighters, care homes and institutions for the elderly, parish councils and security forces.
• Availability to fund and ensure the screening of COVID 19 to all users and employees of the 21 nursing homes in the municipality.
• Implementation of the Mobile Diagnostic Center COVID 19 in partnership with local and regional health authorities and analysis laboratories.
• Creation of an Animal Collection System with COVID 19, in partnership with volunteers and animal associations.
• Creation of the Social Emergency Office with 12 entities in the municipality (health, social, economic, religious, scouts, institutions, youth, employment, training, education).
• Support payment of rents to households that have lost income, reductions in water tariffs and exemption from tariffs to institutions.
• Creation of a Municipal Volunteer Scholarship and Adhesion to the Platform / Socially useful work.
• Provide daily lunch meals, on a take-away basis, for students in need.
• Reduction of Individual Income Tax by 4.5%, reduction of payment period to municipal suppliers, Tax Exemption Withheld by the municipality for companies with annual turnover up to 250 thousand Euros.
• Creation of Cultural Programming on digital platforms (culture).
• Creation of a helpline to answer questions about national measures for companies and for the local employment exchange. Develop a Economic Recovery Counter and the Micro and Small Business Barometer.
• Develop a MARKETPLACE for local commerce, in conjunction with economic entities and also a program to encourage the consumption of local products. Promote Short Distribution and Commercialization Chains in partnership with cooperatives, companies, distributors, restaurants, supermarket trade.
• Creation of the Emergency and Solidarity Fund to support the emergence of new businesses and / or small companies (supporting their recorey through the proximity trade and tourism / catering sector);
• Program to strengthen and to support and develop the R&D projects in partnership with the municipality's technological infrastructure network.