Agenda Municipal / Theatre Swallows

Fri 17 Jun
Há Cultura | Cultura para Todos programme

Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre - 18h30 and 21h30

The public sessions, free in a first stage, will be available only at the local box office, 1 hour and a half before each session | Rating: M/3 | Running time: 40

Swallows comes to us in springtime, passing through all the other seasons. It is a text about freedom, about sensations and about memories - the ones we have and the ones we are yet to create. Season by season; sensation by sensation; memory by memory, we build a narrative as if it were a nest on the roof. In that nest live - sometimes - free swallows, ready to fly and discover everything the world has to offer. It's about being a child and giving value to the little things; giving focus to the small discoveries; respecting any opinion and direction of the wind. "Swallows" takes us from the warmth and comfort of summer to the naïve spring. A set of recorded memories of children that translate into a naive journey on the wings of a swallow in its migratory cycle.

Swallows is an action inserted in the project HÁ CULTURA | CULTURE FOR ALL promoted by the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão and co-financed by NORTE 2020, through the European Social Fund (ESF).

List of credits:
Staging: Diogo Freitas
Dramaturgy: Filipe Gouveia
Light Design: Pedro Abreu
Executive Production: Ruana Carolina

Genário Neto and students with the students from Pedome School Grouping
Riba de Ave 3rd year class,
Teacher Manuela Marques

Riba de Ave 3rd year class,
Prof. Alexandra Machado

Riba de Ave 4th Year Group
Prof. Paula Pinto

Riba de Ave 4th Year Group
Prof. Carmo Mouro

3rd Year class of Oliveira S. Mateus
Prof. Ana Paula Correia

3rd year class of Castelões,
Prof. Arminda Silva

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