Agenda Municipal / Music Fado Violado

Sun 15 Aug
MEL - Piquenique das Artes

Devesa Park | Palco Anima-te - 19h00
Free entry, with mandatory pick up at the venue ( Devesa Park) in the period of 2 hours before the show. Each person may collect up to 6 tickets.

Fado Violado, a Portuguese musical project that crosses Fado with Flamenco, was born in Seville in 2008 by Ana Pinhal and Francisco Almeida. Francisco Almeida began by playing electric bass and singing, but it was with the guitar that his first songs were made easier. At the age of 20 music turned out to be a professional option, BoiteZuleika achieved some success with "Cão Muito Mau" and requests for concerts multiplied. At this time, Francisco began to take the study of music and guitar more seriously.

In 2003 he had his first contact with the flamenco guitar, and later he attended several workshops and master classes in Cordoba and Seville. At 27 years of age, she headed once again for Seville where, for three years, she studied flamenco guitar at the Fundación Cristina Heer. Ana Pinhal began by dedicating herself to Pop song, Bossa Nova and MPB, until, in 2002 she joined the choirs of BoiteZuleika, band with which she would work until its extinction (2006), participating in the record "Éramos Assim" (2005). The desire to learn more leads her to attend music training and singing lessons. The first contact with Cante Flamenco was given to her by Francisco, who by this time was already interested in flamenco guitar.

The curiosity that this art awakened in her made her move to Seville where she studied Cante for three years also at the Fundación Cristina Heere. Surprisingly it was in Seville, perhaps because of her longing, that fado conquered her heart and it was from the communion with Francisco's guitar that fado violado was born. Now accompanied by Spanish guitar, bass, percussion and palm trees, Fado Violado presented their first album "A Jangada de Pedra" in Portugal, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Holland and at Mel - picnic of the arts.

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