Agenda Municipal / Diverse Family, your place is here

Sun 15 May
Family and Equality programme

Celebration of International Day of Families

Council Chambers and Devesa Park - 10h00

Target Audience: Families and the community in general | Organisation / Collaboration: Department of Family, Mobility and GAP - Office Support to the Presidency

The definition of family finds several meanings built based on interpersonal and intrafamilial values that each of us develops throughout his life cycle. The family is a set of dearest bonds. You don't need to have the same blood, you just need to feel the same love.
The City Council of Vila Nova de Famalicão intends to mark the International Day of Families by visiting the Council Chambers and getting to know its history. We will follow with a picnic in the park of the devesa where families can socialize. We end with the inauguration of an exhibition of works produced by the municipality's schools - "Equality on display" at 15h30, with a musical moment and the Family Anthem.

10h00 - Guided Tour to the Council Chambers
11h00 - Guided Visit to the City Council
12h30 - Picnic in the Devesa Park
15h30 - Opening of the exhibition "Equality in Exhibition" in the auditorium of the Educational Services of the Parque da Devesa - with live music - Hymn of the Family.

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