Agenda Municipal / Music Atlantic Percussion Group

Sun 11 Dec
Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre - 17h00

Free tickets subject to pick up, one hour and a half before each performance Limit of four tickets per person Ticket reservations not applicable | Rating: M/8 | Duration: 50 min

Atlantic Percusion Group is an interactive project, where the crossing of several percussive languages is a constant, making their sound travels through the human imaginary. They thus exhibit a new world that breathes and is full of colours, sounds and sensations that echo through all matter. This formation was born in 2015 and already has 6 creations, having already played in several festivals. For this formation they have already created several composers, for example, Ângela da Ponte, Jean François and Bernardo Lima. They are connected to PELES, as a resident project since 2016 and in every edition they present a new creation. Their performances are varied and with them have played Jorge Lima, Eduardo Cardinho, Sandro Mota, Paulo Mota, Ricardo Coelho, Staneck, Zè Stark, Jean François, Vítor Castro, Filipe Louro, Alex Rodrigues Lazaro, Fábio Rocha.

List of credits
Creation: José Afonso Sousa, Tomás Rosa
Performed by: José Afonso Sousa, Tomás Rosa
Producer and Artistic Direction: Alberto Fernandes
Sound: Manuel dos Reis
287 readings