Agenda Municipal / Movies The Siege

Thu 12 May
Cineclube de Joane programme (Bring Along a Friend session)

Casa das Artes | Small Auditorium - 21h45

Admission: 4 euros | free for members of the Cineclube de Joane | Organisation: Cineclube de Joane | Original title: O Cerco (Portugal, 1970) | Director: António da Cunha Telles | Cast: Maria Cabral, Mário Jacques, Ruy de Carvalho, Lia Gama | Rating: M/12 | Duration: 120 min.

Lisbon, 1969. Marta, twenty-something, educated within the best traditional parameters of the Portuguese bourgeoisie decides to give a new direction to her life. She leaves her husband and launches herself in search of a more authentic and real life. The break-up is difficult and Marta feels a little lost. Marta starts working as a model for an advertising agency where she will meet all kinds of exploitation. When she meets Victor Lopes, a smuggler from Lisbon, who has lost everything and gained everything and to whom life no longer surprises, Marta finds a certain emotional and economic stability, but without ever finding what she wants. Through her unstable and fragile behaviour and her disturbed physiognomy, Marta allows us to cast a critical eye over the structures of the society that surrounds her.

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