Agenda Municipal / Movies Session of Animated Short Film for Families

Sat 21 May
Close-Up - Famalicão Film Observatory - Episode 6.3 programme (family session)

Casa das Artes - Small Auditorium | 15h00

General admission: 2 euros | Quadrilateral card, students, seniors and members of film clubs: 1 euro | Rating: M/4 | Duration: 40 min

The  Girl Who Stood Still
Portugal, 2021 | 9 min | By Joana Toste

A little girl gets lost from her mother and refuses to leave the same place. A policeman stops everyone else from making her move. The stopped girl and the policeman who guards her stop the traffic and stir the hearts of the city.

Dodu - The Cardboard Boy
Portugal, 2010 | 5 min | By José Miguel Ribeiro

A cardboard boy. A cardboard box. A make-believe cardboard boy inside a cardboard box. Dodu, a cardboard boy, is very sensitive and lives in a city hostile to children. So he spends many hours indoors, playing with Carica, his ladybird friend. Every time Dodu scratches the surface of the cardboard box, he creates wonderful worlds inhabited by unusual creatures that help him deal with his emotions and grow up.

Portugal, 2014 | 12 min | By Nuno Amorim

A long time ago, when Tião was guarding a corn field, he had lost, through his own fault, the company of a magpie he had inadvertently become fond of. Since that day, when silence enveloped the field, Tião tries to recover the lost song of that bird.

Portugal/UK, 2018 | 6 min | By Nuno Amorim

Hundreds of motorbikes are animated image by image in this homage to the iconic design of the culture motorbikes of the 50s and 60s. A biker prepares his motorbike and sets off on an idealised one through the countryside towards the future.

Emma & Gui
Portugal, 2010 | 7 min | By Nuno Beato

Gui, Ema's imaginary friend, lives in the world beyond the clouds. Ema, is a dreamy little girl who never lets go of a strange pair of magic boots. Throughout the episodes Emma has to go and help her friend Gui. During these adventures Emma discovers how wonderful the magical world Gui takes her to is and she is fascinated by the idea of moving there. Gui on these trips makes Emma discover that the world she comes from can be just as good as the world beyond the clouds after all. They end up becoming the best of friends.

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