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Until Sun 12 Jun
Municipal Gallery Ala da Frente Programme

Municipal Gallery Ala da Frente

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How can you get to the intrinsic by a whisper? At first we listen and even allow ourselves to be followed by the sound, but in fact we approach with open eyes to apprehend what we are given to see. The hissing works as a stimulus, an excuse to approach.
Pedro Tudela has maintained in his career a very constant relationship with sound and its possibilities as a means of creation. His work crosses different disciplines, distinct supports and techniques, blurring eventual frontiers, allowing us to approach very particular experiences. Sound becomes a presence in his painting, drawing, sculptural objects or installations, even when there are no apparatuses or means that produce or emit sound.

The subtleties that present themselves in his works bring out the nuances of rhythms, take up attention, narrow down paths to get to the heart of each work. We remain vigilant, after all the hiss can be in these gestures, in these stains, in these objects of distinct appearances, in poetic articulations and careful balances. In this exhibition we will see a nucleus of drawings from the series entitled Present Past in an exploration of the language of drawing and painting, with the presence of an assemblage sculpture. An arrangement that leaves us in a transit of sensations, in a contemplation of simplicity, allowing us to be carried along in the wandering of space and perception. What do I hear that propels me beyond the works, what is that sound that catches my gaze?

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