Agenda Municipal / Educational activities Rosa Meira, the Engineer

Until 26 May
BMCCB programme: SDGs - Together we change the world

Wednesdays 04, 11, 18 and 25 - 10h15 and/or 14h30 | Provisional Library/Civic Centre
Tuesdays to Thursdays - 10h15 and/or 14h30 | Municipal Library | Poles

Target public: pre-school and 1st cycle students | Sessions according to agenda availability, at least 15 days in advance

What for some is rubbish, for little Rosa Meira is a source of inspiration! But it's only when she's alone in the attic, at night, that the shy girl allows herself to give wings to her imagination. It's then that she builds the most incredible contraptions, such as a pair of balloon trousers, an anti snake hat or a flying contraption! All truly amazing creations, which, however, she does not show to anyone for fear of failure and being laughed at. Until she receives a providential visit from her great-aunt Rosa, who makes her realise that there is no greater failure than giving up on our projects for fear of exposing ourselves.

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