Agenda Municipal / Theatre Plastikus

Sat 14 May
Casa das Artes programme

Casa das Artes | Small Auditorium - 11h00

Entry: 5 euros for adults, with free entry for children | Rating: M/3 | Duration: 45 min

Ondina lives by the waves of the sea, where they break and fill the beach with foam. For many, many years, only the foam bathed the sand on the beach. And that's where Ondina played with the pebbles and the sea foam. But new objects with extraordinary sounds, colours and shapes appeared in her life and Ondina liked to play with them. They seemed a very friendly and helpful new species that slowly became entrenched in her life. The more they became entrenched, the more she needed them and without noticing, PLASTIKUS became absolutely indispensable. And so it grew, grew, grew in her life and Ondina quickly discovered that it was everywhere! Everywhere indeed!

Technical file
Directed by: Clara Ribeiro
Performed by: Carla Magalhães, Nuno J. Loureiro e Raquel Ribeiro
Puppetry and Plastic Direction: Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora
Scenic Space, Props and Costumes: Grácia Cordeiro
Light Design: Rui Gonçalves
Sound Design: Manuel Brásio
Light operation: Francisco Moiteiro
Sound operation: Romeu dos Anjos Pereira
Design: Ricardo Ferreira
Communication: Rubina Jassat
Production: Krisálida

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