Agenda Municipal / Educational activities Peddypaper "Discovering Camilo"

Wed 25 and Thu 26 May
Casa de Camilo programme

Casa de Camilo

Target public: 1st and 2nd cycle students and families (max. 30 elements) | Duration: 120 min. (includes a visit to Camilo's House Museum) | Places to visit: Centro de Estudos; São Miguel de Seide Parish Council; São Miguel de Seide Church; Camilo's House Museum; Camilo's House Study Centre. (Within a radius of 50 metres from the Research Centre).

To follow a walking trail which explores the places connected to the life of Camilo in the parish of São Miguel de Seide and to provide knowledge about the writer Camilo Castelo Branco, his residence and neighbouring places, in a playful way.

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