Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions Guided tours of the restoration work on the tile panels

Until 26 Mar
Cupertino de Miranda Foundation Programme

Cupertino de Miranda Foundation | 10h00, 14h30 and 15h00

Audience: General public, preferably aged 16 and over | Capacity: Organised groups: 30 people (minimum 10 people); Individuals: 20 people (minimum 6 people, except on Saturdays, which will be a minimum of 10 people) | Duration: 45/60 minutes | Registration is free and subject to prior booking through: or +351 252 301 650

During the months of February and March, guided tours to the restoration works of Charters de Almeida tile panels will be held at the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation.
In addition to a visit to the site of the restoration works, which are in charge of the company Signinum, this is an exceptional opportunity to contact directly with the Professional Technicians of Conservation and Restoration, responsible for developing the activity, to know the whole process of restoration, the history of the panels and its author.


Friday, 11 - 10h00 and 14h30
Monday, 14 - 10h00 and 14h30
Friday, 18 - 10h00 and 14h30
Monday, 21 - 10h00 and 14h30
Friday, 25 - 10h00 and 14h30

Friday, 4 - 10h00 and 14h30
Saturday, 5 - 15h00
Monday, 7 - 10h00 and 14h30
Monday, 14 - 10h00 and 14h30
Saturday, 19 - 15h00
Saturday, 26 - 15h00

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