Agenda Municipal / Theatre Fog Machine and other poems for your return

Fri 25 Feb
Casa das Artes Programme

Casa das Artes | Grand Auditorium - 21h30

Entry: 6 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (over 65 years old): 3 euros | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 60 min

One of the characteristics of Nuno Aroso's work is the constant search for poetry in music. In a singular moment of his extremely busy career, Aroso challenges a group of creators to join him in the materialization of a project of an intimate character, perhaps autobiographical, about the passage of time and the fascination for the word. Besides the music composed or arranged for A fog machine and other poems for your return, the project counts on a new text by Gonçalo M. Tavares, which will be the skeleton around which the dramatic body and the staging by João Reis, who also acts with Nuno Aroso in this concert/performance about time, existence and fog machines, metaphors of the past and the future.

Technical sheet
Conception and musical interpretation: Nuno Aroso
Staging and scenic interpretation: João Reis
Text: Gonçalo M. Tavares;
Music: João Pedro Oliveira, Arturo Fuentes, Martín Bauer and Lei Liang;
Artistic Direction: Nuno Aroso;
Production: Arte no Tempo

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