Agenda Municipal / Movies A Plastic Ocean

Fri 20 May
Devesa Park programme (Environmental Session)

Camilo Castelo Branco High School | Auditorium - 10h00

Audience: students from the 11th grade, European Parliament Ambassador School Programme and Eco-Schools Programme.

Craig Lesson, an Australian journalist with a passion for the sea and its ecosystem, begins an investigation in search of the Blue Whale when, to his amazement, he comes across large quantities of plastic on the ocean surface. In order to unveil the influence that these plastics have on our oceans, Craig is aided by the diver Tanya Streeter, and an international team of scientists and researchers, travelling to various locations around the world for four years, exploring the fragile state of our oceans, with the important objective of uncovering the truth about plastic pollution and revealing solutions that can have an immediate effect in preventing the continued degradation of our oceans.

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