Agenda Municipal / Theatre The Ship of Hell – premiere

Thu 09 and Fri 10 Feb
Casa das Artes programme

For schools
Thursday | Grand Auditorium - 10h00/15h00
Friday | Grand Auditorium - 10h00

Free admission subject to prior registration of schools | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 60 min

"To the boat, the boat of life”
In this famous allegory by Gil Vicente, we see several souls judged here. Souls that have followed different paths on earth and have reached a point of no return. What will be the end of these beings? Will it be the pure Bark of Glory guarded by the Angel the vehicle that will take them to the grandiose end? Or will it be the dirty and spacious Bark of Hell guarded by the sarcastic Devil? The work highlights not only the paths and actions of each "figure-type", but also identification and timelessness, using drama, technology and music as strategies to bring this dated work closer to the young school audience. In a world where every action of Man is increasingly judged by everything and everyone, "Auto da Barca do Inferno" is not indifferent to the evolution of time, justifying why it is a work that is still much analysed in the school career of young people.

List of credits
Staging: Filipe Gouveia
Composition and live musical: Paulo Pires
Cast: Bárbara Correia, Francisco Lima, Luísa Alves and Sara Maia
Plastic Design: Diogo Freitas
Lighting design and op: Pedro Abreu
Production: AGON / Momento - Artistas Independentes
Co-production: Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão
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