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Famalicenses take home more than 4 thousand trees and bushes 

In Vila Nova de Famalicão, last Saturday was marked by another action included in the project "30 thousand trees for 2030" which resulted in the adoption of more than 4 thousand trees and bushes.

This time the initiative passed through 7 parishes of the municipality: Vermoim, Carreira, Lousado, Seide, Gondifelos, Castelões and Vilarinho das Cambas.

Rosemary, rosemary, lavender, holly, cherry, apple, strawberry, lemon thyme, thyme and heather were the species of autochthonous trees and shrubs provided.

The initiative is part of the project "30 thousand trees for 2030", the new environmental goal set by the City Hall of Vila Nova de Famalicão to reforest the municipality. The new phase of the project started last December and has already reached the 10 thousand trees mark.
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