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Famalicão revalidates title of Youth-friendly Municipality

Famalicão received, for the second consecutive year, the flag of 'Youth Friendly Municipality', awarded by the National Federation of Youth Associations (FNAJ). The ceremony of delivery of the distinction took place in Pinhel, in the scope of the III Meeting of the Network of Municipalities Friends of Youth, promoted by FNAJ, on 26 May.

Besides the flag, the Municipality of Famalicão also received, by the hands of the Councillor for Youth, Luísa Azevedo, a diploma of the 'Seal of Municipality Friend of Youth - 5 stars category', for good practices and the development of structuring policies in the youth field.

In this meeting, the Municipality of Famalicão renewed its commitment to quality and youth-friendly local youth policies, ensuring its maintenance in the National Network of Youth-friendly Municipalities, of which it has been part since its creation at the end of 2020.

It is recalled that, recently, the municipality presented the 'Plano Municipal de Juventude de Famalicão - Estratégia Local para a Juventude 2023-2026', a municipal management plan that aims at valuing and retaining young people in Famalicão.
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