Famalicão present at International Meeting of Educating Cities

The Municipality of Famalicão, as a member of the Coordinating Commission of the Portuguese Educating Cities Network, attended the General Assembly of the International Association of Educating Cities, held in Seville, which brought together representatives from around the world to discuss proposals and the organization's action plan for the years 2023 and 2024.

The councillor for Education and Science, Augusto Lima, was the spokesperson for the proposal of the Coordinating Committee of the Portuguese Educating Cities Network to adopt Portuguese as the official language of the Educating Cities.

"On the global map, Portuguese-speaking cities represent one third of all cities that make up the International Association of Educating Cities. The participation in the work and actions of the organization has been massive, committed and with high contributions and, by adopting Portuguese as an official language, we open the door for cities in Portuguese-speaking African countries to become part of this project," said Augusto Lima, in the presentation of the proposal of the national delegation, which hopes to see approved at the next Congress of the Educating Cities Network, to be held in Curitiba, Brazil, another of the Portuguese-speaking countries.

The International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) is a structure of collaboration between local governments governed by the principles enshrined in the Charter of Educating Cities, with over 500 cities in 36 countries spread across all continents.
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