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Famalicão hosts international Goalball tournament

From September 9 to 11, Vila Nova de Famalicão will host the "Blind Games" international Goalball tournament, with the participation of 6 national teams in a rehearsal for this year's great competitions - European and World - of this sport.

The competition, included in the International Federation calendar, will take place in the Lameiras Municipal Pavilion and will bring to Vila Nova de Famalicão some of the best world teams of the sport, including Portugal, England and Germany.

The opening match will take place on the evening of September 9. The competition's calendar foresees 15 games. 

It should be noted that the men's senior national Goalball team held a preparation stage in Famalicão at the end of August.

The Austrian Hanz Lorezen and the German Sepp Reindle created Goalball in 1946. Unlike other Paralympic sports, Goalball was created and developed exclusively for people with visual impairment. The games have a total duration of 24 minutes, with two parts of 12 minutes.

Each team consists of three starting players and three substitute players. The objective of each team is to score goals in the opponent's goal Goalball is a sport based on tactile and auditory perception, so there can be no noise in the enclosure during the match.
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