Agenda Municipal / Educational activities We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Until 31 Mar
BMCCB programme

Tuesday to Thursday - 10h15 or 14h30 | Pousada de Saramagos Library Centre

Audience: pre-school and 1st cycle | Sessions scheduled according to availability, at least 15 days in advance
| 252 992 045

It's never easy going on a bear hunt, as the five potential hunters in this story (including a baby, but not counting the dog) soon discover. It's a beautiful day, and they go about saying they're not afraid, as they cross a field of tall, rolling grass, cross a deep, cold river, trudge through sticky mud, search their way through the middle of a forest, pass through a swirling blizzard and enter foot-first into a grimy cave. Here, in the darkness, everything looks different... And what is the fearsome thing that appears before them?

Author: Michael Rosen
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