Agenda Municipal / Dance Triple (Premiere)

Fri 18 Mar
Casa das Artes Programme

Casa das Artes | Grand Auditorium - 21h30

Entry: 6 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and Seniors (over 65 years): 3 Euros | Rating: M/14 | Duration: 60 min

TRIPLE is the new creation of KALE Dance Company for 2022. Since 2018 KALE integrates the cross-border cooperation project REGARDS CROISÉS (Malandain Ballet Biarritz), inviting three choreographers from each represented country - France, Spain, Portugal - to develop an original creation for the company's performers.

Following the spirit of sharing cross-border languages of the competition, Kale Dance Company proposes in 2022 the creation of a show in triple format under the vision of three choreographers of different aesthetics: Daniela Cruz (PT), a creator expanding in the field of contemporary dance in Portugal, Hamid Ben Mahi (FR) with a new French vision of contemporary hip hop and the artistic transdisciplinarity of Igor Calonge (ES).

Kale proposes to be the creative vehicle of a show that brings together on stage young dancers at different stages of their professional careers, with choreographers also at different stages of their artistic careers with their own unique signature and vision of contemporary dance language.

Artistic sheet
Choreography: Daniela Cruz (PT), Hamid Ben Mahi (FR), Igor Calonge (ES)
Interpretation: Mariana Malojo, Filipa Prata, Denise Sá, Mafalda Cardoso, Luis Claro, Michal Wilk, Isabela Rochael
Light design: Joaquim Madaíl
Assayers: Sara Moreira, Inês Negrão, Isabel Ariel
Sound design: Nuno Preto, Domingos Alves
Costume designers: Patrícia Costa
Executive production: Maria Miguel Coelho

KALE Cooperativa Cultural, Crl | Kale Companhia de Dança | Armazém 22
Artistic Direction: Joana Castro
Strategic Planning: Daniela Tomaz
Production Director: Maria Miguel Coelho
Communication Direction: Joana de Belém
Graphic Design: José Pereira
Technical Direction: Joaquim Madaíl
Stage Technician: Domingos Sousa
Production Assistant: Mayra Paolinelli

Kale Dance Company is a structure co-funded by the Directorate General for the Arts for the triennium 2020-2022.

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