Agenda Municipal / Movies Tito and the Birds

Wed 26 Jan
Programme Close-Up - Famalicão Film Observatory - Episode 6.1 

Casa das Artes - Grand Auditorium | 10h00 (for schools, 1st and 2nd cycle)

Entry: 2 euros | Cultural Quadrilateral Card: 1 euro | Free admission: students, seniors and members of film clubs

Original title: Tito e os Pássaros (Brazil, 2018) | Director: Gustavo Steinberg, Gabriel Bitar, André Catoto | Cast: Denise Fraga, Mateus Solano, Matheus Nachtergaele and Otávio Augusto | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 70 min

Ten year old Tito lives alone with his mother since his father, a prodigious inventor, disappeared without a trace. When a strange epidemic of fear spreads through the population, Tito realises that the cure for the disease is somehow connected to his father's research. Never letting his fear of the unknown get the better of him, the brave boy sets off on an unforgettable mission to save the world.

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