Agenda Municipal / Movies Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park

Sat 18 Jun
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre - 16h00

The public sessions, free in a first stage, will be available only at the local box office 1 hour and a half before each session | USA/China, 2022 | Directed by: Matt Reeves | Performed by: Michael Adamthwaite, Ashleigh Ball, Kathleen Barr | Rating: M/6 | Running time: 90 min.

In the original "Rock Dog", Bodi, a dog, gets a music bug and decides to become a rock'n'roll star. Four years later, there is a sequel. This time Bodi has a band that leaves the quiet mountain where he lives in Tibet to go on tour with Lil' Foxy, a pop star. They are finally famous, but fame is not always what he expected.

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