Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions Painting with poetry, by Sílvia Mota Lopes

Fri 10 Sep to Fri 05 Nov
Soledade Malvar House-Museum programme

Soledade Malvar House-Museum | 10h00
Free Entrance | Timetable: Tuesday to Friday from 10h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 17h30 ( Close Mondays, weekends and public holidays).

Knowing the constraints and limitations to which everyone was subjected because of Covid-19, Sílvia Mota Lopes decided to shorten the distances between people through art, namely painting and poetry. In the project Painting with Poetry, which began in August 2020, the idea of holding exhibitions combining different artistic languages goes beyond the desire of Sílvia Mota Lopes to share the materialisation of her own emotions and experiences through her art. By painting the poetry of other authors, the artist creates and strengthens a plurality of thoughts, emotions and experiences through her pictorial language.

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