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Sat 04 Jun
Joane | FAUNA / Didascália Theatre - 19h00

FREE ENTRANCE | Project direction: Didascália Theatre | Scientific coordination: Cristiana Vieira and Helena Hespanhol / Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Porto | Botanical experts: Cristiana Vieira and Helena Hespanhol (Flora), José Manuel Grosso (Insects), Raquel Ribeiro (Amphibians and Reptiles), Ricardo Lopes (Birds) | Local community involved: ACIP/ Casa da Villa | Programmed show: L'APRÈS-MIDI DEUX SPORTIFS, by Ricardo Machado | Acknowledgements: Francisco Pessegueiro

Flora & Fauna resumed contact with the young people who participated in Todos somos Paisagem, an experimental project that brought together botany, visual and performing arts. The aim was to deepen the experience by extending the scientific component to three more taxonomic groups (besides Flora, the Fauna of Insects, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles), making observation and recognition of species existing in the surroundings of the headquarters of the Didascália Theatre (the old cowshed of Quinta da Bemposta, in Joane). This research space was also a space for intervention, either in the promotion of the species' habitat (construction of cocoons, feeding troughs, observation posts), or in the presentation of performative works.

The final presentation with the participants will be addressed to school audiences (Friday, June 3) and on Saturday, June 4, we will have the premiere of "Poros" by Naiana Padial, the guest artist who accompanied the whole project, and the presentation of the piece "L'APRÈS-MIDI DEUX SPORTIFS" by Ricardo Machado, in an adaptation to the external space of fAUNA. It is on this Saturday evening that we invite the public to come with time, a picnic and a blanket. Between the two performances you will have the possibility to see and hear the flora and fauna of our space composing their spring sagration, in times when we need so much to rediscover the seasons and the cycles that rule nature.

JUN 4 - general public
19h - "Poros" by Naiana Padial
20-21h Picnic - We invite the public to bring a blanket and their basket with snacks. Join us for a great picnic in our garden!
21h - "L'après midi de deux sportifs" by Ricardo Machado

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