Agenda Municipal / Theatre Workshop World of Cardboard

Sat 04 Jun
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Riba de Ave | Narciso Ferreira Theatre - 10h00

The public sessions, free in a first stage, will be available only at the local box office, 1 hour and a half before each session | Target audience: children (if the child is under 6 years old, he/she must be accompanied by an adult) | Duration: 120 min.

The Workshop World of Cardboard, from Mandrágora Theatre and Puppets, explores ideas and plastic expression, putting them into action. It is a theatrical game that through a process of simple design and construction, within the reach of the little ones, reveals an enormous potential in the development of plastic arts and in the collective creation of stories, allowing an individual project, built as a team. It encourages the exteriorization of ideas, the development of expressiveness, speech, voice projection, the deepening of ideas and concepts that propel the manipulator to an artistic, pedagogical and playful exploration.

"The puppet, although it is something inanimate, becomes someone" from the book "the puppet helps to grow" by Isabel Alves Costa. Play make-believe, where my body becomes a character built by my hands, where I am the writer of the story, the builder of the glove puppet, better known as puppet, in the celebration of the World Children's Day, in family.

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