Agenda Municipal / Music White Haus: Modern Dancing

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House of Arts - Café-concert | 11pm

João Vieira is a dj, musician and producer. He started his career in London in the late 90s, where he worked as a DJ, musician and club promoter.
In Portugal, he edited 5 albums with XWife, the band he founded and of which he is a vocalist, guitarist and co-producer.
As DJ Kitten, and from Porto, he rewrote the clubbing scene in Portugal in the 2000s, with his innovative Club Kitten.
With the alterego White Haus, he started the adventure of electronic composition and production. The result of this process was the release of an EP in 2013 and three albums: “White Haus Album” in 2014, "Modern Dancing" in 2016 and "Body Electric", the new album released in October 2019.
Having already toured the country in various shows and present at all the main summer festivals - NOS Primavera sound, NOS Alive, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, Super Bock Super Rock and Bons Sons the project presents itself
live as a 5-element band:

João Vieira (Xwife / DJ Kitten): Voice and synthesizers
André Simão (Sensible Soccers, Dear Telephone): Bass, guitar and synthesizers
Graciela Coelho (Dear Telephone): Voice and Synthesizers
Nelson Silva (Holy Nothing): Synthesizers and percussion
Gil Costa: Drums.

Admission: 3 euros. Students, Quadrilátero Cultural Card and Seniors (from 65 years old): 1.5 Euros
Classification: M / 3
Length: 70 m

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