Agenda Municipal / Diverse Where do plants go when they die? | We All are Landscape

Sat 02 and Sun 03 Oct
There is Culture | Culture for All project

2nd October, 18h00
3rd October, 16h00 *

Location: FAUNA / Didascália Theatre (Quinta da Bemposta, Travessa da Quinta, nº1 - 4770-205 Joane)

Duration: aprox. 30 minutes | Age Classification: +6
*Limited availability. Free entry but subject to ticket reservation by email or telephone 924 305 850

From the plants observed at FAUNA (headquarters of Didascália Theatre) and Casa da Villa (ACIP unit), the respective herbaria were built, which serve as the basis for a plastic and performative creation about the actors we are in this landscape; how we fix ourselves and transform a place. Just like us, plants can be native, exotic, ornamental, invasive, protective, weedy, sentinel, domesticated, transformed, grafted. We wondered where plants go when they die, one of the answers we found is that we are all landscape. Where do plants go when they die? is a herbarium on display at fAUNA space, the result of the work developed with the communities of Casa da Villa (ACIP unit) and Amitorre - Habitorre Residents Association.
This show is born from the action "todos Somos Paisagem" (We All are Landscape), included in the project THERE IS CULTURE | CULTURE FOR ALL promoted by City Council of Vila Nova de Famalicão and co-financed by NORTE 2020, through the European Social Fund (ESF).

Technical File
Project direction: Didascália Theatre / mediation programme
Scientific coordination and herbarium creation: Cristiana Vieira and Helena Hespanhol / Natural History and Science Museum of Porto University
Artistic coordination and creation: Cristina Cunha
Plastic creation and interpretation: Abílio Carvalho, Adelaide Gonçalves, Adolfo Sampaio, Albino Braga, Antônio Costa, Antônio Silva, Beatriz Simões, Bertília Silva, Bruno Silvério, Carina Martins, Carlos Pereira, Cristina Machado, Cristina Maia, Emanuel Carvalho, Ernesto Manuel Gonçalves, Fátima Machado, Filipa Costa, Filipa Pereira, Filipe Sampaio, Francisco Rodrigues, Henrique Oliveira, João Miguel Mendes, João Pedro Sá, José Alexandre Silva, José Carlos Gonçalves, José Carlos Pinto, José Nuno Silva, Leonor Laínho, Leonor Silva, Luís Miguel, Madalena Oliveira, Marco Machado, Margarida Fernandes, Mariana Barbosa, Mariana Pacheco, Miguel Cardoso, Miguel Carvalho, Nilza Alves, Nuno Silva, Pedro Oliveira, Rita Ferreira, Rui Paulo Moreira, Sofia Pereira, Tiago Amaro and Vera Leite.

Direction: Bruno Martins and Cláudia Berkeley
Mediation Programme Coordination: Vera Santos
Production: Raquel Passos
Technical Director: Valter Alves
Communication: Anaïs Proença
Graphic Design: Rui Verde
Video recording: Os Fredericos

Creative and Direction Support: César Estrela, Rui Souza e Vânia Silva
Sound design: Rui Souza
Support/Acknowledgements: ACIP, Casa da Villa, AMITORRE - Habitorre Residents Association.

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