Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Váld

Sat 24 Jul
Programa Teatro da Didascália programme
VaudeVille Rendez-Vous International Festival

Devesa Park | 9pm

Production: RIGHT WAY DOWN

The ticket office is next to the venue (at the access to the amphitheater in Devesa Park) | The ticket office opens 2 hours before the beginning of each show | Each person can pick up to 6 tickets | People with reduced mobility, may bring a companion (both require ticket pick up) | Rating: M/3 | Running time: 55 minutes.

Right Way Down is a collective of six hand balancers.

Using multiple bodies and the deconstruction of conventional handbalacing technique, Váld is an exploration of transformating solo focus into something more expansive.
Reflecting the strength of the forest and how a single entity thrive in unity.
Váld uses hand balance as its paintbrush to draw upon destruction, decay and regrowth.
Mirroring the symbiotic nature of the forest, with their entwined roots, they come together to create a new form of handbalancing.

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