Agenda Municipal / Dance Vaamo share oque shop é Beiro Pateiro

Thu 22 Jul
Cultural Quadrilateral Programme
"Vaamo share oque shop é Beiro Pateiro", Vera Mantero and Cia. Dançando com a Diferença (“Dancing with the Difference”)

Alameda do Mosteiro de Landim | 7 pm

Vera Mantero and the Dançando com a Diferença Company work movement, dance, and art at the limits of their bodies' capacity. In this show, this meeting extends those limits a little further, in the encounter between "a contagious joy in the studio, the impression that there is always a reason to celebrate, to party, to rejoice" of the Company's dancers and the disruptive way of Vera Mantero facing art, of her "daring and innovation, by questioning standards and social conventions in force", and therefore, the perfect dance partner in the construction of this show that stands in front of several battles, between aesthetics, beauty and the various types of social barriers.

What is this piece about? More than being "about" something, it lets itself live under a regime of free and often non-verbal associations that are for me a very faithful portrait of everything I lived and experienced within this group.
This show also celebrates twenty years of work in the sense of "Changing the social image of people with disabilities" and to present it several types of spaces were thought, such as the Cultural Center Vila Flor, a reference of the performing art, but it is transported to the outside, to the magnificent gardens of the Monastery of Tibães, in Braga, the Monastery of Landim, in Famalicão and in the center of historical Barcelos, in Largo Dr. José Novais.

Artistic Direction and Choreography Vera Mantero
Performers/Creators and Assistant Choreographer Mílton Branco and Telmo Ferreira Performers/Creators Bernardo Graça, Celestine Ndzana, Diogo Freitas, José Figueira, Rui João Costa, Sara Rebolo
Original Music and Musical Direction Nuno Rebelo
Singer Celestine Ndzana
Scenography André Guedes
Costumes Constança Entrudo
Light Design and Technical Direction Cristóvão Cunha
Co-production A Oficina and Dançando com a Diferença

Dançando com a Diferença
Artistic Director Henrique Amoedo
Executive Production and Assistant Director Diogo Gonçalves
Production Cláudia Nunes
Support Mariana Valente and Sara Valente

Project in Viseu Leonor Barata and Ricardo Meireles
Dançando com a Diferença is a structure financed in the biennium (2020 - 2021) by the Portuguese Republic - XXII Government / Directorate-General for the Arts, the Regional Government of Madeira through the Regional Education Directorate and the Regional Culture Directorate, Funchal City Hall
Resident Company at Mudas - Madeira Museum of Contemporary Art and Resident Project at Viriato Theatre

Running time: 55m

Age Classification: 6 years old and over

Price: Free entrance, to the limit of the capacity of the space; ticket collection from one hour before the beginning of the show and opening of the venue 30 minutes before.

- Accessible Show with Audio description

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