Agenda Municipal / Diverse Triptych challenge: Escape Room: Delusions of a Collector

Until Dec
Famalicão Museums programme

Praça da Cidadania (Central Bus Station's car park) - 10h00 and 19h30

Free admission | Booking is free and compulsory | Times and inscriptions here

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Network of Museums, we challenge you: Gather your team and embark on this adventure. Locked in a room in groups of 2 to 5 people, participants have 40 minutes to solve the riddles and discover what the collector hides. Game: Júlio, an obsessive collector, becomes suspicious while analysing the Famalicão Museums for endless hours and is arrested trying to steal the Triptych "A Vida". Under interrogation, he guarantees to have unique information about the authenticity of the work. However, in the course of the investigations, it is discovered that the information he possesses is encrypted! Will they be able to discover what the Collector is hiding?

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