Agenda Municipal / Circus Art Triplet, triptych for a triptych

Wed 13 Nov
Binnar programme

Cupertino de Miranda Foundation - 17h00
Free entry

'Triplet (triptych for a triptych)' is a performative intervention by several artists from LÍMITES that dialogues with the work 'A Vida', by António Carneiro. Starting from analogy as the main mechanism operating in all artistic languages, the collective intends to transfer to the scenic, visual, poetic and musical arts its reflection and interpretation of this plastic work. Three concepts, three moments, three offerings that the human being gives to time, a relentless watchman that crosses us from part to part, that makes us free and slaves, in the same fight for and against.

Co-curators: Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo and Límites - Corpo Colectivo Transfronteiriço

For more information, check the official website here and their Facebook page here

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