Agenda Municipal / Music Trama no navio

Sun 30 Apr
Eixo do Jazz programme (International Jazz Day)

Cupertino de Miranda Foundation | Auditorium - 18h30

Admission: 5 Euros. Tickets available from April 27th at the Foundation. 

João Pedro Brandão, who moves preferentially in the limbo between written music and free improvisation, brings together here an unprecedented group of musicians with strong and singular musical personalities. Ricardo Moreira on piano and Hammond, the bass player Hugo Carvalhais and Marcos Cavaleiro on drums, join Brandão to build a journey in their own universe where deep personal and musical affinities clearly emerge. In this concert Marcos Cavaleiro is replaced by the young Eduardo Dias.

Without forgetting the connection that already existed between this music and the cinema, we add a new layer to this concert in which it is the images that mould themselves to the music. The sea, on which the scene takes place, is the scenery that we transform according to the rhythm and ambiences that the music suggests. We dive into its various textures, also with cadences and pulses that are musical and we mix them so that they merge with the musicians.
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