Agenda Municipal / Music Tomás Wallenstein

Sat 04 Mar
Narciso Ferreira Theatre programme

Narciso Ferreira Theatre | 21h30

Free tickets subject to pick up one and a half hour before each performance. Limit of four tickets per person. Ticket reservations not applicable | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 60 min

He is one of the composers and lyricist of Capitão Fausto, one of the most relevant bands of the current Portuguese music scene. From a very young age, Tomás revealed a curiosity for the most varied instruments, by playing piano, violin, bass, guitar and drums. Along with his career with Capitão Fausto and numerous collaborations, he also stands out for being one of the creators of Cucamonga, the label responsible for the release of artists such as GANSO, Luís Severo, Zarco, Reis da República or Rapaz Ego.
After making his debut on a single date at Lux, in September 2020, the musician and composer presented, during 2021, a series of solo concerts, on the piano culminating in a packed night at Tivoli as part of the Super Bock em Stock Festival. In an exploratory or even almost academic spirit, the suggested repertoire is a compilation of versions by other authors, composers or poets, who at that moment will meet in each hall. By being able to make their voices their own, the intention is to learn from the gesture, but also to insist on the sharing of ideas and songs, which after being born from one creator, belong to everyone.
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