Agenda Municipal / Music There's no knowing

Sat 11 Mar
Casa das Artes programme

Grand Auditorium | 21h30

Admission: 6 euros. Students, Cultural Quadrilateral Card and seniors (65 years and over): 3 euros | Rating: M/6 | Duration: 50 min

Since "Quest" (Shhpuma, 2014), Joana Gama and Luís Fernandes have maintained a continuous dialogue, which accepts constant ruptures and new sound explorations in their music. The continuity exists in the harmony of their work, the meeting of the languages of both, a permanent communication that respects the rhythms of both and knows how to respond to challenges, as happened with "Harmonies" (Shhpuma, 2016) in which they worked Satie's heritage with Ricardo Jacinto, "At The Still Point Of The Turning World" (Room40, 2018) where, with José Alberto Gomes, they extended their work to an orchestra or "Textures & Lines" (Holuzam, 2020) that they co-created with Drumming GP. "There's no knowing" (Holuzam, 2022) opens with Joana Gama's piano to which Luís Fernandes' electronics gradually joins. The piece grows in a kind of whisper between the two and develops in a progressive game of proximity. As "There's no knowing" progresses, there is a greater interconnection between the elements and the consummation of what Joana and Luís do together: bring out the best in each of them. Their fifth album is a pulsating adventure, which has its origins in the invitation to create the soundtrack for the series "Cassandra", with artistic direction by Nuno M. Cardoso.

List of credits
Piano: Joana Gama
Electronic: Luís Fernandes
Stage: Frederico Rompante
Sound Design and editing: Suse Ribeiro
Coproduction: Casa das Artes de Famalicão, Culturgest, Theatro Circo and Centro Cultural Vila Flor
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