Agenda Municipal / Conferences The Uprising of 14 May 1915

Fri 18 Mar
Bernardino Machado Museum Programme

Conference Cycle 2022: Captain Lima Dias' Republican-Radical Revolutionary Movement (April 27th 1913)

Bernardino Machado Museum - 19h00

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Luís Bigotte Chorão is a lawyer and historian. He has a Master's degree in Law from the University of Lisbon and a PhD in History from the University of Coimbra, with a thesis that gave rise to the book The Crisis of the Republic and the Military Dictatorship (Sextante, 2010). He is the author, among other studies, of Portuguese Legal Periodism in the 19th Century (Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda, 2002), de Politics and Justice in the First Republic (Letra Livre, 2011, 2018), de Towards a History of the Repression of Anarchism in Portugal in the 19th Century (Letra Livre, 2015) and co-organizer of Iberian Peninsula - Nations and transnationality between two centuries (XIX and XX) (Edições Humus, 2018). Member of Ceis20 of the University of Coimbra and of the Interdisciplinary Legal Institute of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, he is deputy director of the journal The Law.

Speaker: Luís Bigotte Chorão

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