Agenda Municipal / Theatre The Return of Vaginas

Sun 06 Mar
XV "Terras de Camilo" Amateur Theatre Festival

Vermoim Theatre Group

Centro de Estudos Camilianos - Casa de Camilo | Auditorium -- 16h00

Free admission | Staging: Catarina Gomes |Last Play: Abel Azevedo, Beatriz Magalhães, Daniela Azevedo, Diana Fernandes, Filipe Mirra, Hélder Braga, Inês Araújo, Luísa Ribeiro, Maria João Pinto, Rui Gomes, Rui Pimenta. | Rating: M/12

7 years later, they return. Always available, united and cheerful, the nuns of this convent embrace the mission brought by the priest: to recover the parish and attract the faithful. Those who know them know that more than creative ideas will come out of this... and perhaps a little controversial.

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