Agenda Municipal / Diverse The journey of the lice Mirolho

Sat 20 Nov
BBCCB programme

Devesa Park | Casa do Território - 15h30
Free entry, limited to the capacity of the space

Book Launch by Maria Andrade Paiva

With the eye patch and the ship in tow, the louse will visit different places around the globe, leaving a collection of memories in his suitcase. But... who are you, louse? A travelling louse who can only see out of one eye? Do not delay in your adventure and you'll find out! A story "without feet or head" told by the voice of a grandmother to her granddaughter, transforming the power of the Portuguese language into memories of a relationship that goes beyond generations. An adventure through the deconstruction of stigma, still present in today's society. The importance of the role of families, social agents and schools in health education, promoting healthy relationships and the psychological wellbeing of children.

Maria Andrade Paiva was born in the North of Portugal in February 1991, in the city of V. N. de Famalicão. In her work as a Psychologist, with children and young people and in interpersonal relationships, she finds the inspiration and creativity for her writing. She has a first children's book published in 2020, "Once upon a time there was a bee... Délia the cinnamon bee". In "A viagem do piolho mirolho", she wants to take the reader to navigate amusingly in her imagination.

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