Agenda Municipal / Theatre The Importance of being Ernesto

Sat 05 Mar
XV "Terras de Camilo" Amateur Theatre Festival

Recreativo da Retorta Drama Group

Centro de Estudos Camilianos - Camilo's House | 21h30

Free Admission | Adaptation, Dramaturgy and Directing: Laura Avelar Ferreira | Cast: Diana Pereira, Emílio Cruz, Hélio Rebelo, Joaquim Costa, Juliana Leite, Maria Fontes, Maria João Pereira, Vitor Oliveira | Rating: M/12

Portugal, 1920s. Two young aristocratic friends live two double lives and secretly use the same pseudonym - Ernesto, but for different reasons. This confusion of identities will last only until the women, who are enchanted by them, discover them. A brilliant comedy, about love and its misunderstandings originally written by the peerless Oscar Wilde.

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