Agenda Municipal / Exhibitions The Ideological Evolution of the Nineteenth-Century Social Movements

Fri 25 Mar
Bernardino Machado Museum Programme

Bernardino Machado Museum - 10h00

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In 1872 José Fontana and Antero de Quental were involved in the foundation of the Fraternidade Operária, a federation of organisations of a new type, called resistance associations, which organised the first strike outbreak in Portugal. In that same year the newspaper Social Thought published the debates and resolutions of the Hague Congress of the International Workers' Association. The workers' resolution to found autonomous political parties. These processes have relevant and lasting repercussions on the evolution of Iberian social movements, in terms of organisation, action and thought. We propose to deepen the discussion around these three dimensions in three meetings that will take place in Lisbon, Vila Nova de Famalicão and Lagoa.

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