Agenda Municipal / Theatre The Anniversary

Sat 12 Mar
XV "Terras de Camilo" Amateur Theatre Festival

Palha de Abrantes Theatre Group

Centro de Estudos Camilianos - Camilo's House | 21h30

Free admission | Cast: José Luís Moreira, Vítor Mendes, Sandra Sousa, Text Adaptation: Theatre Group Palha de Abrantes | Staging - Maria Helena Bandos e Rita Nazaré | Rating: M/12

The play tells us about the anguish and neuroses of three members of a family who are very incapable of listening to and understanding each other, the meetings and mismatches after 30 years of marriage. A family that is always the same, without time or history. A work marked by a rhythm and by words that convey the emotional expressions of this family.

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